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The Wolf Pirate Project is a unique opportunity for readers and writers to take advantage of education, information, and entertainment in regards to contemporary literature. As a non-profit organization, the Project has a two-fold mission of bringing readers and writers together in an appreciation of literature as a worthy form of art. The focus of our endeavors is the exploration and examination of all facets of the human condition in any manner of creative writing. Please be aware that the Wolf Pirate Project is not a publisher. The books seen in our showcase are works that have been through the Workshop and have no major print or distribution. Writers interested solely in publication are encouraged to seek alternate entities.

The first part of our endeavor is geared toward the development and promotion of talent in literature. We work at assisting writers in tapping into their talent to produce provocative fiction in several genres. We accept all kinds of fiction in our programs, but category fiction--otherwise known as genre fiction--must be of literary quality, with something more than commercial repetition and vacuous content.

The Project also welcomes readers to the program in favor of our companion goal, encouraging reading for leisure and entertainment, as well as delving into the human psyche. In support of that, we offer several options for readers to obtain books through this site.

Something Has to Be Said

by Eve Mattel

II have been in this business for umpteen years and have seen the course of how this business has changed. I liken the industry of literature to the housing market. Just like the real estate market has experienced a boom where people thought they could make a killing with short-term investments, flipping properties they would never live in, publishing experienced the same explosion of opportunistic greed. Hundreds of independent presses popped up all over the place and began to court the massive population of writers fighting for a small niche in the dwindling space on store’s bookshelves. The savvy, reputable independent presses exercised strict quality control, recognizing writing as a talent and that not everyone has it. It was, and still is, the significant number of self-publishing and subsidiary publishers out on the market that have destroyed quality control and have flooded the market with inferior works. Dare I go on with this lambasting?

First of all, I must say this, and I can’t say it loud enough. Just because someone writes doesn’t mean he is a writer. Just because someone wants to be a writer doesn’t make him a writer either. And just because someone has been published doesn’t make him an accomplished writer. I used to think a writer wasn’t an author until he was published. Now I believe the opposite. It is so easy to become published these days that being “an author” isn’t an accomplishment. It only means someone had the money to self-publish or sign on to a subsidiary publisher with poor quality control. Most of these people will never see a return on their investment unless they do all the legwork for marketing. They will rarely get picked up by a distributor or reviewed by a reputable source. Even mentioning who their “publisher” is will be met with disdain and a chuckle behind their backs.

The Wolf Pirate Project began as a publisher in 2007, under the name of Wolf Pirate Publishing. We had high ideals about getting great books out on the market, seeing them on bookshelves, changing the image of the small press. We were going to revolutionize the industry. We were going to take the world by storm, putting out only the best of the best. We soon learned that we’d come into existence a little too late. The damage had already been done to the industry. No amount of song and dance was going to change that. We were lumped with the rest of small, independent publishers. We weren’t even given the time of day.

It didn't take long for us to understand why.

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Changes happening. The Project has re-evaluated it's goals based upon the operability of its previous programs. The directors have decided to focus more on the education of writers and the exposure of industry standards, rather than promoting works to traditional publishers, who have proven to have lost any interest in supporting literary advancement to the reading public.


Class is now in session

Our Reader's Appreciation Class is now posted on the web site. This class is designed to assist parents and educators--or anyone who wants to share the joy of reading with others--in exposing the wonderful world of reading to another person. This class explains the concept of the prospective student, some of the troubles encountered in teaching, and alternatives to use in the endeavor of sharing reading with another person. Like the rest of what The Wolf Pirate Project offers, there are no fees associated with this class. Click here to start your session.

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The Writers and Readers' Blog.  Communication among writers and readers if paramount to keep ideas flowing in the realm of literature. The Wolf Pirate Project now offers a blog for writers and readers to post any concerns, hopes, aspirations, or comments on writing, editing, literature, and publishing. Feel free to post comments on topics you find here.

Operation Paperback donations. It is our pleasure to be a regular supporter of Operation Paperback, a service to military men and women and their families in appreciation for their sacrifices to our country. To date, The Wolf Pirate Project has donated 3132 books to various recipients of Operation Paperback. Thank you to all our authors who have participated in this program. We also encourage everyone to donate their gently used books to Operation Paperback. Go to to learn more about the program.

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Welcome Ann. The Wolf Pirate Project is ecstatic to welcome Ann Boyle as our newest volunteer. She has shown such expemplary talent and passion for writing that she has been greatly sought after to join our organization. Her efforts to assist the Project in reaching readers and writers in the pursuite of quality literature is sure to have outstanding results.

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NEW FEATURE: Critiquing publishers. In the spirit of keeping with the concept of demanding literary excellence in today's mass market of books, we are bringing a new feature to the web site. Traditional publishers insist they demand the same, so we are holding them accountable for what they produce. We will be critiquing their published works on their editorial merit. We encourage anyone who encounters a book they feell needs editorial analysis to submit the name to our editors. For more on this feature, click here.

No Clutter. The Wolf Pirate Project subsists on endowments, dues, donations, and volunteer services. Once again, members of the board have upheld the decision that the Project will not prostitute this web site with adware or unrelated solicitations. You will never see this site cluttered with advertisements or banners. We are proud to provide a clear and direct route to information, education, and resources for the improvement of today's writing community.

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