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The Project is admittedly nonprofit. Our biggest asset we offer is knowledge. There is no charge for what we provide and the rewards we reap are the appreciation of writers who go through our grueling workshop. We work on a shoestring budget, nickel and diming office supplies, postage, operational costs, you name it. Most of us get paid nothing for our time; and those who do get a pittance, donate it back to the company. What we offer is immeasurably valuable, but very few people have taken advantage of it. Again, the sad state of the writing industry is behind this. Writers think they are sending out flawless work or think publishers will absorbed their glaring mistakes in the editing process. This is a delusion that can’t go on.

Here is my advice to the majority of would-be writers out there: take a step back, deflate your ego, and read your work objectively. Easier said than done, I admit, but it is a necessary step on the road to publishing. It is the one and only step in the publishing process you have any control over. Beyond that, your publishing future is in the hands of people who will judge you by what they read. If it is not top-notch, your work will end up in their trash (I won’t color it with any cute euphemisms). You will only delude yourself into thinking the publisher doesn’t know what good writing is if you can’t see your own faulty work.

Here is your wake-up call: the writer who will succeed is the one who dedicates himself whole-heartedly to literature, not writing. Educate yourself on what that means. Whether you take a peek at any of our free classes or check a book out of the library to educate yourself on what that is, it’s up to you. Maybe you’ll only roll your eyes as you read this and think, “She’s not talking about me. My work is well above the bar.” Maybe you won’t even have read past the first few sentences of this article. I can only tell you that by not always striving to do better, you’re degrading your chances of ever being a real writer. You will be doomed to self-publishing or subsidiary efforts. At the least, review your work before sending it off. Your only chance of affecting the odds of getting published is the quality of your writing.

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