Unit One: Introduction to Creative Writing

Introduction to Literature:  A quick overview of creative writing

Lesson One: Creative Writing: Explains the difference between creative and noncreative writing, and the components of what writers need to be successful in their craft.

Lesson Two: Choosing What to Write: Describes categories of creative writing and how to target your audience.
  Exercise 1: Creative Writing

Lesson Three: Poetry: A concise review of poetry and how it can be used to satisfy the purpose of all creative writing.
  Exercise 2: Poetry

Lesson Four: Screen and Play Writing: An explanation of how a screenplay can assist any writer in outlining a piece of creative writing.
  Exercise 3: Screen and Play Writing

Lesson Five: Nonfiction and Research: Instruction on how to incorporate facts into creative writing.
  Exercise 4: Nonfiction and Reserach

Lesson Six: Short Stories:Key essentials of writing a short story are explained.
  Exercise 5: Short Story

Lesson Seven: Novels: A brief review of what a novel is.

Lesson Eight: Creating Characters: A discussion on the importance of creating credible characters in creative writing.
Exercise 6: Creating Characters

Lesson Nine: Plot and Conflict: Introduction on crafting an intriguing conflict and entertaining plot.
Exercise 7: Plot and Conflict

Lesson Ten: Point of View: Important concepts of perspective narrative and point-of-view in a story.
Exercise 8: Point-of-View

Lesson Eleven: Active versus Passive Voice: An explanation of how to write narrative in the active voice.
Exercise 9: Active versus Passive Voice

Lesson Twelve: Show and Tell: Describing how important writing with imagery outweighs dictating how it should be viewed is.
Exercise 10: Show and Tell

Lesson Thirteen: Purple Prose: A warning of how flowery, showboat writing is frowned upon.
Exercise 11: Purple Prose

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