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Publishing Critique

In the spirit of improving the quality of literature, we have taken on a new effort at The Wolf Pirate Project to accomplish that. Since the majority of readers turn to mass produced books to read, it is imperative that the quality of these publications are held to a high editorial standard. Publishers are responsible for the quality control of their productions. Therefore, The Wolf Pirate Project will critique those books that are found to be lacking and submit an analysis of the work we review directly to the publisher. These reviews are not published on this web site, but are meant strictly for the publisher’s edification. The goal of this endeavor is not to embarrass the writer or the editor, but to help improve the quality of what is produced in the future.

Concepts Identified in Critique

In reviewing published works to critique their editorial quality, our editors will focus on the concepts taught in the writer's classes. These include keeping consistent with point of view, showing versus telling methods, active versus passive sentences, and avoiding an overabundance of purple prose. Grammar, sentence structure, and spelling will also be singled out. Consistency in details, credibility, proper word usage, redundancy, and scenic descriptions will be analyzed. A comprehensive analysis will be provided to the publisher, along with the book, with editorial marks added on the pages.

Note: Due to time constraints, it is impossible to edit the entire work. Therefore, only the first fifty or so pages will be critiqued and analyzed. It is reasonable to believe those pages will offer a true representation of the entire editing done throughout the book.

Submit Titles to Critique

Anyone who encounters a book from a traditional publisher they believe requires an editorial analysis may submit the title and author's name to us. Do not submit anything from a self-published author or from a subsidiary or small press publisher that does not offer editing in their process of producing a book. An author hoping for editing assistance should submit their work directly to the Writer's Workshop. Small press publishers that do not offer editing for their works are deficient in their interest to promote literary excellence and need to refocus their efforts on their company's mission statement.

To submit a title for analysis and critique, click here.

Ongoing Critiques

So far, we have done six book critiques and have submitted them to their respective publishers. Although we have stated in their cover letters that no response is necessary, we have heard nothing back from the publishers or the authors, who received an invitation to read the critiques that were sent to their publishers. The running tally on the critiques are:

Grade Number of Books
A 0
B 0
C 2
D 2
F 2

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